Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Christmas Gifts... Christmas Thrifts

I found a good option for big girls 'big' present today. We stopped at a garage sale on the way to preschool and I bought a 2.00 Fisher Price Little People Castle. It is in good condition but it's missing the little toys and I think it's missing some fencing. I searched through the nearby toy pile and found nothing that seemed to go with it.
I came home and did a quick search online and found that Fisher Price is no longer making that model. I priced the parts on Amazon and ebay. Not impressed but I knew what to look for.
I immediately thought of Big Lots... you know.. the closeout people. I hit the jackpot with a new set of the King on his throne, the jester/ring, pegasus, and wizard. I was happy to pay the 10$ for it to avoid shipping charges later. I'm hoping to stumble across a queen before Christmas. But, I think I've got big girls Christmas shopping done.
Now I can use the KB toys gift card for the cousins, one more present for little guy and maybe even squeeze a birthday toy or two out of it.
I bought most of my toys online from KB last year and was so happy to have my stuff delivered in November when the malls are just starting to get conjested with holiday shoppers. I do really dislike the mall. Have I given you that impression yet? : )

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Kyle said...

Just found your blog, very cool! Congrats on the garage sale find, my 2 year old loves the "little people" as well. Although, you know that since FP does not make it anymore you could probably sell it for a small fortune on ebay!