Monday, September 22, 2014

Balancing Things I Want to Do With Things I Need to Do

My house is a wreck. 

I'm a notorious piler and stacker.  I love to get rid of trash and any recycling that I come across.  But, the things that I need or might need get shuffled into piles.  My pile, kid's piles, to do piles, DH's pile, etc.  I've got all the piles. 

What I don't have is a filing system or any organizational skills.  Don't get me started on things that I need to put away but don't have a home or things we have too many of but are still useful. My daughter's giant piles of shoes is coming to mind. 

It's overwhelming.  So, I've neglected doing anything other than the bare minimum of dumping trash, a little laundry, and keeping up with the dishes (most of the time).   We really need to have people over soon for meetings, playdates, a Halloween party the kid's are wanting.  I need to get on the ball. 

But, there's so much I want to do that isn't going to help straighten the house.  I want to make muffins.  I want to organize my girly stuff in the bedroom.  I want to declutter my bottom dresser drawer where I keep my tank tops because it's hard to open.  I want to read some magazines that I'm storing.  I want to sit down and finish a library book before it's overdue. 

Being a stay at home wife affords me a great amount of free time but it's one of those things that go hand in hand with being organizationally challenged.  I never know how to make the best use of my hours.  I end up going from one thing to another, always busy but never having much to show for it in the long run. 

So, I'm getting out my flylady timer and giving my self 15 minute increments to do one thing I want and one thing that needs to be tackled.  I have a rare treat tonight where I get to leave the kids with my sweetheart and go to the library for an adult program.   I'm looking forward to it but I want to feel like I earned my time away. 
First up is 15 minutes in my kitchen doing dishes general clearing.  After that I'm going to whip up a batch of Bisquick Blueberry muffins because I have frozen blueberries to use and milk that is soon to expire. Then 15 minutes of clearing off the kitchen table and sweeping.  Then 15 minutes of hanging laundry and starting another load which I actually enjoy.  Etc. 

I'm lighting a candle and put on some music because I might as well enjoy the process.  I'm a big fan of the $5 True Living tri-scented candles from Dollar General.   I've had excellent luck ordering DG stuff to be mailed to my home.  They even give you 4.5% back on ebates.

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