Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cheap Thrills of the Day

  •  I'm paying bills and finishing rebates so no late fees and a bit of change.  My favorite rebate deal right now is $2.00 back on  Flav-Or-Ice 100 ct. freezer pops.  The rebate is on the bottom of the carton.  Kmart has a $1 off coupon in their store coupon booklet.  This will be awesome for the 4th of July parade float give aways next week.  
  • I'm hanging a load or two of laundry on my line
  •  Soaking black beans for the freezer because we're running low on canned beans and our pantry is full.
  • Planning a pantry meal of tacos, soon to expire canned beans, dip I made earlier in the week and organic salad mix I keep forgetting about in the fridge. 
  • Making dessert from some stuff that needs to be cleared out of my pantry.   
  • Gathering library material to return before my late fees grow
  •  Turning down the a/c and turning on fans in the rooms we're in.  
  • Planning a cheap date night with my kids to the local $1 theater to see RIO 2 while my husband has a guy's night out.  We'll make a homemade pizza together before we go.
  • Not really frugal but I'm making the kids and I to do lists today to keep them from being screen zombies.   I'll take them to the park after we go to the library. 
  •  Getting ready to harvest some cherry tomatoes off the clearance plant I bought from Lowes.  It needed water and tlc. 
  • Making lunch at home before we go out.  We have cherries, oranges and strawberries that need to get eaten and bread going stale so we're having pb toast and fruit.

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lizzie said...

Sounds like a great frugal day !
We have had many pbj toast and fruit lunches - glass of milk with is great !