Saturday, February 15, 2014

The First One to Go- Love My Nails Bright Star Polish

My oldest nail polish is too thick to use anymore.  I don't even know if it is still being made.    It's probably 12 years old so I shouldn't be too upset, right?

The 99 cent Love My Nails and Love My Lips brand cosmetics were my go to before I had any real money to spend.  I had a Love My Lips lipstick in a frosted sand color that I used down to the nub when I was in high school. 

 Love My Nails Star Bright, I will miss you.  But, I will not replace you.

I cancelled my Birchbox and Ipsy subscriptions this week.  I am still waiting on my last Ipsy bag to arrive.  I think I should save it until I have a huge urge to shop.  I have been whittling down my email subscriptions to online stores so I don't have any temptations.  If I don't know about a sale it's a good thing.  Less junk email = less shopping= less crap in my way= a more simple life = more happiness and less guilt.  

The kids and husband are off at a birthday party.  My only companions are the noisy dishwasher, two barking dogs and two candles flickering next to me.  Life is good.  I think I'll hop in the tub and use some of my precious bubble bath.  The Bath and Body Works Velvet Sugar bath bubbles a friend gave me for Christmas smell so good.  The bubbles last a long time.  I need to hide it from my daughter.  Once it's gone I'm down to using the kids Superman bubbles before I can buy more. 

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