Monday, February 17, 2014

A Little Cheat on my No Buy List

We stopped by Goodwill on our way home today.  I found a ten dollar Protection System winter coat for my daughter.  I always buy ahead when it comes to our winter gear.   And I  found ten dollars in the pocket when I got home!

I picked up a new Thirty-One soft wallet in Black Parisian for one dollar.  Wallets are on my no buy list.  However, I just donated my old one and the "new" replacement Guess one (bought for $1.90 at a second hand shop) has been chewed by the puppy.  I don't think the Guess will last me a year so I rationalized this purchase.  I like the soft edges which will cram much easier into my heavily burdened purse. 

Also, I picked up a $3 ziplock full of headbands, rubber balls for the dog and a new Hex Bug for the kids.  It just happened to have a brand new Clinique mascara still in the pack.  It's one of my favorite mascaras too.  

So, a little cheat but nothing I feel too guilty about.  I'm pretty jazzed about getting a new $16 mascara and a Thirty-One Wallet for $4.

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