Friday, June 21, 2013

Ok, so there's more.

I've been bored with Netflix and since we don't have cable when I want to be lazy I turn to youtube.

Sometimes it gets lonely around here and I like to have voices in the background when I'm clipping coupons, doing dishes, etc. 

I like to look at people's Dollar Tree coupon hauls.  Did you know they take MFR coupons now?  I like to see how people organize.   I like to watch decluttering and cleaning vlogs. 
My favorite vlog of the day is about how to make your own Lean Cuisines.  I used to save my plastic  trays and use them to fill up a lunch of frozen leftovers for Hubby.  I am starting a new collection of plastic containers and never realized that I could use them for make ahead meals rather than leftovers. 

I have been a shopping fool at Dollar Tree lately.  I love buying the organizing bins and the cleaning supplies there.  My best find yet has been the LiteLife Black Bean patties I bought yesterday.  $1 for a four pack.  That's a steal when they are normally $3-4 a package. 

I also bought a SkinnyGirl tinted moisturizer in Sand.  I tried it for the first time today and it seems pretty good.  I hate wearing foundation and this isn't heavy at all.  It was weird at first because the applicator is a brush but it works pretty good.  It normally retails at Walmart for $10. 

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lizzie said...

Sorry to hear about your depression but it sounds like other aspects of your life are getting easier.
Good score at Dollar Tree !