Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stress is the Visitor Who Won't Leave

We closed on our new house yesterday.  I woke up with dread thinking about how I now have two mortgages.  Yes, I know we need to get our house on the market like yesterday. 
We planned the slow move on purpose but, it still makes me itchy. 

Hubby's Grandma passed yesterday.  She was a sweet lady.  She was always thinking of others before she thought of herself.  I'm glad her pain is over but I feel so bad for my husband's family.  She was much beloved and will be missed.  

I've been trying to homeschool the kids for about an hour everyday to help get them ready for the next school year.  I worry that I am not doing it well.  I've been concentrating too much on one area of concern for each kid.  I need a better lesson plan.  I need to branch out.  And also, I wonder how I can fit more school time into our craziness when we're supposed to be moving- well, like right now.  I'm supposed to be packing the car.  And driving an hour to the new house.  With the kids in tow. 

I guess I should get started then.

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