Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Parenting Files: Where'd My Baby Go?

Today my eight year old daughter asked me for a cell phone because many other kids in her class already have them. And she is starting to worry that she's not as cool as the other kids -all the time. She has become an anxious kid, a worrier.

No longer the happy go-lucky munchkin who was content to play with my old dishcloth while I prettied up her hair.

She's no longer as content with the little things in life like a nap on the floor while Elmo entertains.

And this little boy is now facing the problem of being the weird meltdown kid on the soccer field and almost incapable of playing with others and following directions. We worry about his future and if he'll always be the odd one out. Will he ever be able to go with the flow?
He's still a snuggler. But, I wonder if anyone else besides our family will ever be able to appreciate his sweetness and his creativity. Will anyone besides his family ever get him to take turns or play nicely?

This part is much harder than being sleep deprived or potty training.

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