Monday, September 26, 2011

The Parenting Files: Soccer Mom

When I've lost count of the different teams, colors and seasons of my 8 year old's soccer career
When I hear myself shouting from the sidelines and not just for my own child
When I can sort of keep track of who is slacking and who has improved their skills
When my child asks me how she's doing and I give her an honest critique and tell her what she needs to improve
When we're buying more soccer shoes than dresses
When I tell my 5 year old to suck it up, quick crying like a baby and kick the ball
When I find myself pressuring my husband to make sure to sign her up for the next season and then directly follow it up with another one
When I sort of stopped caring that our weekends have become about soccer because I like watching her on the field- because well the Girl has game
When we even sort of consider having her try out for a select team when it means twice a week practice, more money, more travel and a big commitment
I finally realize I might just be a soccer mom.

Now if we could only figure out what Little Guy's thing is.

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jonceramic said...

It's getting serious, people. She's talking smack about the other coaches on the sideline even.