Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kicking Some Stuff's "Stuff" And Taking Names

No, my house isn't an immaculate shrine to all that is clean and wonderful in the world. I don't expect it will ever be that way. We have to actually live here, you know.
But, I have been cleaning. A lot.

As soon as Little Guy leaves for Kindergarten in the afternoon I've been getting busy.
So far this week:

Cleaned the downstairs bath
Made beds daily and changed sheets on Little Guy's bed
Kept up with laundry and managed to put it all away
Kept the kitchen table relatively clean. It needs quick spruce right now but will be done before dinner time
Cleaned out the dog's bowl (long overdue) and washed her bedding and toys
Swept the kitchen (twice!)
Swept and Damp mopped the entry way
Cleaned the foyer and sorted through shoes (it seems I am always making a pile of outgrown kid's shoes to wash and donate)
Cleaned the TV room (the carpet still needs a steam clean but that can wait for now)
Kept up with the dishes fairly well
Made dinner every night but Tuesday when I treated the kids to dinner (tonight we're having Manischewitz Vegetable soup topped with swiss cheese and homemade croutons)

I've also done a lot of miscellaneous picking up and putting away of tiny bits of stuff. And a lot of stuff has been deemed fit for only the trash can or the donation bag. I have two trash bags of stuff for charity ready to go and I'm sure I'll have two more before the downstairs is clean.
So, the outlook isn't so bleak. If I keep this up I'm sure I'll see the day when my house is only 15 minutes worth of messy. I like this so much better than shopping for stuff.


jonceramic said...

I can visibly tell you've been working so hard. I love you, Baby.

Tread Softly said...

Wow! Sounds like you're getting into a great routine.