Saturday, June 25, 2011

My life is on fire & other news

Until further notice, my children and dog will be staying with my in-laws in another state. I am missing them terribly. But, I'm on the road to see my Mom so much that it just makes sense.
The final diagnosis is Stage 4 colon cancer. Standard medical practice would be to dope my Mom up with chemo in hopes of prolonging her life for a few months. We want something better than that so we're going to an alternative cancer treatment clinic sometime soon. My hopes are high but I feel so pulled in every direction. I'm alternating between feeling glad I don't have a job so I can be with her when she needs me and feeling highly put upon because everyone assumes because I don't have a paying job that I don't actually have anything else going on in my life. And also again? I really miss my kids.

I had the morning free so I ran to a few garage sales by myself. The sun was shining and it was wonderful to forget all the bad stuff for an hour or two. I stocked up on Polly Pockets and little toys to surprise my kids with when they come home again. Plus, I filled a trash bag with kids clothes for five dollars. Now I've got to go shovel out my daughter's room and maybe get rid of some of her stuff before I put in the new. I've also got to inventory and see what I need to get for back to school time while I have the chance.

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Andrea said...

I am so sorry your life is in turmoil right now. I can not imagine the difficulties you are going through. Take good care while you help care for your mom...