Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Little Reason to Drop Cable/Satellite

You can view full episodes of shows on Disney Jr. Now my little boy can see the Chuggington's show he's been talking about.

Seriously, between the library, free redbox rentals, hulu, and by using our netflix account thru the Wii- we never miss having cable. We still have too much to watch. You can also go to other network sites to view full episodes of tv shows. I occasionally watch The Bachelor and Hoarders on my laptop while I fold laundry. I found old Bones episodes on hulu and have really enjoyed those recently too.

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Rhonda said...

we canceled our cable about 1.5 years ago and use an antenna and a Roku box for the tv.
We pretty much watch what we want and we really don't miss that $70+ bill every month.