Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rule #1 of Crock Potting For Dummies

I'm a relative novice to crock pot cooking. Really the only thing I make with any consistency is a vegetarian chili.

Yesterday's craving for salisbury steak (boca style) led me into the kitchen at noon to start throwing things into the crock pot for dinner. I was ahead of the game! I knew what was for dinner and boy wouldn't flylady and hubby be happy with me. It smelled so good too. I was rocking the "What's for dinner" question.
Of course, I didn't realize that putting the egg noodles in the crock pot to cook with the gravy and bocas would turn them into a glutenous mush. I mean, a really yucky tasting glop. Only edible if you were truly starving. I wasted some good food yesterday but I learned a valuable lesson. I have to make my noodles separately.

One point for Dominos pizza.

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lunabelle said...

I love my crockpot! Noodles can be tricky, but I make lasagna in mine all the time. This site is useful:

I make a lot of her recipes vegetarian.