Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Clothing Compact- an interesting fail.

A few months ago I was adamant that I would not buy any more clothes for myself or my children.
I didn't realize how deeply ingrained my need to bargain hunt for clothes went.
Now I do. And I try to temper it with more rational shopping behavior.

Now I know that I can always pick up a nice item for kids at a garage sale for 50 cents. Spending $3 at Goodwill on an article of clothing for the kids isn't that great of a bargain unless it's something we need right now. I also discovered that soccer shorts are in great supply at the thrift store when I can't find them at a yard sale. I just have to look in the boys shorts section.

I haven't been able to find nice shoes second hand for a long time. I'm wondering if the economy took a bite out of superfluous shoe shopping for kids. The ones I've seen have been thoroughly worn. This is one area I've been fairly good about. I did pick up a pair of croc lookalikes for $2 on clearance at Target for Little Guy's next summer.

I'm trying to get rid of something for every new item I bring in. Especially for my own self.
I splurged on a shirt the other day and spent $30. That's the most I've ever spent on a shirt for myself. However, it is a nice shirt that I know I will love wearing and it's well made. I'm tired of junky tee shirts that fall apart. Plus, Hubby thinks I look cute in it.

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