Friday, June 25, 2010

My Not-So Guilty Splurge

Hubby told me I had to blog about spending $95 at a friend's Tastefully Simple party last night.

Yeah, I spent too much. Part of it is for Birthday and Christmas presents. Most of it was purchased because that stuff tastes so dang good.

5 dip mixes
3 beer bread mixes
1 chai drink mix
3 potato cheddar soups
1 seasoned salt.

Yep, that stuff is pricey. I plan on gifting and indulging and then making do with homemade mixes when it is all gone. I'm wondering why my own homemade beer bread is always dense and hard and the Tastefully Simple mix is light and fluffy. I would love to make a scratch version of that bread. It was great! I like the almond pound cake too but I was less thrilled with the sweet dips and breads because they just didn't have that great spicy tang to them. I can make yummy sweet stuff from scratch.

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