Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Better Living Through Pantry Planning

Other than the brief grocery stop for milk, bread, eggs, bananas and dog food I am avoiding shopping this week. I can see the back of my pantry and know that all of the food in there is fresh and will be used. It is a relief.

Monday- stir fry with crisper veg and ginger tempeh. Leftovers got sent with Hubby today.

Tuesday- Tofu and crisper veg soup made using drained, saved, and frozen canned vegetable juice from canned tomatoes, mushrooms, and corn. I threw in half a box of whole wheat noodles and it was yummy. There are leftovers in the freezer for Hubby's lunch next week.

Wednesday- Breakfast- pancakes made from a box of corn muffin mix and served with peanut butter the last dollops of syrup from the pantry.
Dinner is homemade pizza topped with leftover sauce and whatever cheese bits need to be used up in the fridge. I know there is some gouda, Irish cheddar, and parmesan. There's one last can of mushrooms in the pantry too. I made a double batch of wheaty pizza crust dough so I can freeze some for later.

I think we're eating better this way and no one is complaining about not having another meal out.

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