Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pantry Challenge- How This is Going to Work

My first goal is to eat up any perishables like breads and fruit and use up what can get moldy or sour in the fridge.

I plan on replenishing things we need that I can't make myself like milk or cheese. I also plan on doing a few coupon/sale combining if it's a great price and it's a thing we normally use anyway. For example, I just stocked up on cheese slices because I had coupons that were about to expire. My Hubby and son eat a cheese slice almost every day. But, I'm limiting it to staples. That works great for me because I love having a short list (with coupons) and getting out of the store quickly and cheaply.

We have quite a surplus of food in our basement. Even though it might be a weird secret wish that we end up eating dry shredded wheat with steak sauce, I don't think it will come to that. I actually made that as a snack with a friend while in high school- not bad. I think my Mom must have been doing a pantry challenge that month. Or maybe having three big kids in the house was a pantry challenge on a daily basis.

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