Thursday, July 16, 2009

Saved 56% on Groceries

Who wants to help put my groceries away?

I have a rare night to myself. My choices were stay home and clean, go to the grocery store since it's coupon Thursday at Shop N Save and I have a list and coupons clipped and ready, or go see the new Harry Potter movie. Decisions- Decisions.

So, I went with the second best option- grocery shopping alone. I definitely spend less money when I shop alone.

I'm too tired to spill all the details.
What I got free with MFR coupons:
2 bags of sugar
2 jars of Smart Balance Peanut Butter
1 carton of Tropicana OJ
1 pound of bananas
1 small bag of peanut M&Ms

I save $15 in store coupons:
$10 off a $50 purchase
$5 off when you buy 5 boxes of special Kellogs cereals

I spent 48.90.
I saved 58.72 or 56%. No matter how much I try I am not that coupon queen who gets hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for a few pennies. Nevermind- I am mostly glad that I stuck to my list and only bought what we need/use.

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Jimmie said...

Sticking to the list is a great way to save. And not to forget half of what you need for the week's menus! LOL! Chinese obviously rarely/never use lists to shop, so I get lots of curious looks over my shoulder as I mark things off. :-)

I'm not blogging at HSB anymore. You may want to update your sidebar. :-)