Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I love about my frugal lifestyle-

1. My stockpile. Almost never needing to run to the store and pay full price for something we need is great. (especially when we're busy or sick) Today I needed dishwasher tablets, pancake syrup, and bread. A quick trip to the basement and I had all three. Now I'll just have to wait until the next coupon/sale to replenish.

2. Making my own essentials. A few years ago I would have never dreamed I would/could make my own baby wipes, dishwasher detergent, pancake syrup, laundry detergent, or bread. Now I know if I keep my pantry stocked I can whip up most of whatever we need in a pinch.

3. My veggie garden. The tomatoes are puny and sad but I have to say that this year is much better than last year. I don't weed, hoe or water like I should but whenever I do I get intense joy in seeing how a tiny seed can give us beautiful vegetables. I am mixing up my garden next year and getting some manure from family for fertilizer. But, I am slowly but surely learning how to tend a tiny garden. My cherry tomato plant is flourishing in it's pot. I may do all tomato pots next year instead of planting them in a bed.

4. The library. In the past few days our entertainment has been library dvds and books. When we took a recent road trip the kids enjoyed watching a library movie while we listened to a book on tape. The best part is that during the summer we get special prizes for reading. Well, if I'm going to read anyway why not enjoy the rewards.

5. Appreciating what I do have. I don't let myself spend a lot of money on home furnishings. But, I splurged on floor length drapes and pretty new hardware for a big bay window that previously had hideous mauve shades. Now instead of cringing I look at them and smile and I don't regret a penny that I spent on them. They look so good with the toile pillow that I picked up at the furniture thrift store for $2.


Tara said...


would you share your recipe for dishwasher detergent? Although I've been getting it pretty cheap with coupons of late, I would love to stop buying it all together.


Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Here's a link to Amy's dishwasher detergent-

It's the one I used. Next time I'm going to experiment with adding some lemonade kool-aid mix (w/o sugar) to it.

Amy said...

I think I'm going to make my first homemade cleaner soon. I don't know what has kept me from doing it before...

Our tomatoes are doing great this year! One plant is as tall as me. I planted other stuff for the first time this year and I can't wait to see what makes it.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

You make your own pancake syrup? How on earth do you do that?