Saturday, May 30, 2009

Could I live on this for a week- a peek into my grocery cart

A few years ago there was an online challenge to come up with a decent menu with only $20 a week and starting with no food at all (no sugar, spices, flour, etc).

A quick trip to the grocery store this morning had me surveying my cart and wondering if I could manage solely on what I had picked up.

A six pack of coke bottles (my major weakness)
3 loose potatoes
A bag of romaine salad
A pack of wheat hog dog buns
A dozen medium eggs
A four pack of vegetarian Italian sausage
A canister of General Foods vanilla coffee mix
Total: 16.03

It looks like I'd be having a hot dog bun for breakfast for four days with a cup of coffee mix. The other three days would have me eating a boiled egg and some coke.

Lunch would be a very small salad with a few pieces of chopped egg. Water to drink.

Dinner for four nights would be a Italian sausage on a hot dog bun. The other three nights I could have a delicious plain baked potato with no toppings washed down with some coke.

If I had no one else to feed I could manage it. I would be hungry for sure (oh, darn weight loss). But, I would survive.
Now if I had planned ahead I would grab brown rice, bananas, and pinto beans. For less than a dollar a pound bananas are still a good buy. Need I say that that pack of Coke would still be on the store shelf.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny,
Did you sign up at MS farms for their newsletter? I got an email today for a $1 off internet coupon on any MS farms burgers.

$20 would not get me very far in my carriage lately. Sigh....