Monday, April 20, 2009

Couponed Out K-Mart style

K-Mart in my area is doubling coupons up to $4 and tripling up to .75 cents.

I went yesterday and again today. Whew. We are quite stocked upon cleaning supplies, nighttime diapers, wipes, and pet snacks.

Yesterday my original total was approximately $122 and I whittled it down to $57 with coupons.

I didn't do quite as good today but I got:

Milkbones for .99 a box
Huggies wipes for .99 a box
Purex detergent for $1.55
Purex (big bottle) softener for $1.17
2 Free Friskies cat treats
2 Free Daisy Sour Creams

I've redeemed over 40 coupons there and could do more but I'm just worn out and even about out of space to put extra items. But, all in all, this is the best part of couponing.

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