Monday, February 9, 2009

What's Going on Around Here.

1. It was my turn for the nasty stomach virus so the past 24 hours have been a blur. So far, I've had half a juice box (Little Guy demanded the rest) and a Slim Fast bar and they seem to be staying put. Yay!

2. Hubby thinks he found a "new" car (Scion). And I need to drive him around to get it checked out with our mechanic and we'll write the check today or tomorrow. GULP!

3. We had a tiny disagreement about money for a new Yaris versus money for an older car. Of course, this was after two days of driving around looking at and test driving cars. I voted for getting a new car (which we've always said we'd never do) and Hubby said I was being ridiculous since I spend hours clipping coupons to save $50. My only comeback was that I actually enjoyed clipping coupons and I hated shopping for a car.

4. We are out of pop. All I really want is a fizzy coke or pepsi right now too. At least I have coupons for Pepsi when I get around to going to Wal-Greens.

5. We've eaten out a little more since we've been out of the house and I've been sick. But, Pizza Street and Taco Bell are at least on the cheaper side. We have two more weeks of Little Guy eating free before he turns three.

6. I'm feeling better but not great and now I see how much housework I need to get done. I even let a load of clean wet laundry sit until it soured. The kids and Hubby keep commandeering my laundry baskets for toy storage.

7. Despite the messy house, broken car, and illness- I still feel very blessed. I have showered and put on clean clothes (ok, sweats and a t-shirt) and I am ready to take on the world one slow step at a time. We even have fresh bread that I made before I got sick and it's pretty good.

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