Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Maybe I'll skip it. Sigh. Let's eat some beans.

I found half a bottle of moisturizer under the bathroom sink. That Lancome purchase might have to wait for the next deal. As much as I want to order new stuff... do I need it? Not for awhile. And in this economy it's harder to shop guilt free. Especially when we so badly need to build up our emergency fund after buying a car. Our insurance payment for our totaled car is a lot less than we hoped.

So, more eating at home. More coupons for things we have to have. Less buying what we don't.
Homemade cupcakes for Big Girl's Birthday snack day.
I made chunky tvp stew with gravy seasoning on Monday.
Yesterday I took the kids to IHOP for free pancake day. We spent less than $5 including milks, donation, and tip.
We took the kids out to Cici's pizza buffet for Little Guys dinner last night. While we were there we ate leftover birthday cake from their joint birthday party. Little Guy also got serenaded with Happy Birthday by the local jamboree talent that was playing there. Free entertainment.
Tonight I'm making stir fry with the tofu I bought yesterday. I'll make extra rice to have on hand this week for a bean dinner.
I'm also going to make Heather's bread recipe since I now have flax meal. Hubby had to eat his breakfast eggs on raisin bread (.99 cent clearance on Save-A-Lot) this morning. Poor guy.

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Heather said...

I hope you like the bread. Let me know what you think.

I thought of you today, because I had coupons that my neighbor saved for me from his Sunday paper. I went to CVS and got some Valentine's stuff for next year at 75% off, plus two Renuzit Tri-Scents air freshener kits, and two tubes of Colgate toothpaste. The total cost was $14.83, but I had $9.50 in manufacturer's coupons, plus $4 in Extra Care Bucks, so I only paid $1.33 for all of it.

I thought "Woo hoo! Jenny would be so proud of me!"