Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grocery Trip Today: WalMart

I haven't wanted to shop for a while. That created a big list of pantry items, produce and other non- food items. Where can I do one stop shopping? Wal-Mart. Not my favorite I admit.

The list:
Pull up diapers (still working on potty training- a slow process of late)- 10.24
Pull up night time diapers- 15.57
Fruit snacks (it's Little Guy's Birthday so I let him pick a treat)-2.00
2 boxes Beechnut Baby Cereal- $2 (had bogo coupon- for the church pantry)
Box of Beechnut crackers- ($1- had $1 off coupon)
Rye Flour- 2.16
Brown Rice Flour- 3.21
Flax Meal- 3.45
Cocktail Peanuts- 2.28
3 lbs. of Apples- 3.00
Gallon sized Hefty One zips- $1.76- .55 coupon so 1.21
Kraft deli cheese slices- 4.68
Veggie "turkey" slices- 2.58
Boca Chic Patties- 3.12
Crystal Farms String Cheese- 2.88
Morningstar Veggie dogs- 3.72
Organic Tofu cubes- 2.78
Organic Carrots 1 lb.- .88
Bananas (3 at .62 cents lb.) - .76
Frozen Egg Patties (not frugal but nice on a busy weekday morning- 2.62
Whatchamacallit bar (after standing in the check-out line for 15 mins)- 1.00
Kids Bubble Bath (Little Guy picked for his birthday)- 2.97
Cesar wet dog food packet- free after MFR coupon
Wrigley Gum- free after MFR coupon

Total= 74.04 (I blame the diapers... must use cloth)

Total MFR coupons redeemed: $9.23

To see how other did check out Gayle at The Grocery Cart Challenge.

Hubby gave me a $30 budget to purchase special bread flours. I have started my shopping with these three little bags. My last batch was whole wheat zucchini.


Anonymous said...

Don't you love the wonders of flax meal. I throw it it everything baked and reduce the oil (the package indicates you can use it in a 3/1 ratio for oil) but I like to use it to kick up the nutritional value of everything I can think of!

I am just starting to look at baking breads so will be curious how your adventures using new flours goes.


Anonymous said...

PS Happy birthday to your little one!