Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some Things just don't fit in the budget.

I found kids bath sets on clearance at Target for $3.48. I bought sixteen of them to use as party favors for the kids joint birthday party. I found cake plates on the clearance rack too and bought four packs of them. Add some marked down Christmas decorating bows and a tube of kids Colgate paste for .44 cents after double coupon and I spent $54.14. We had a ten dollar gift card from the pharmacy for a new prescription otherwise it would have been $64.14.

How do I budget for this? I could have done the standard baggie of toys and candy that I've done every year but after countless loot bags from the parties Big Girl has attended they have lost their appeal. Those crumby plastic toys get scattered and trampled until I just pitch them in frustration.
I think at least the bath set is usable and I didn't spend a lot more than on a loot bag.

I haven't even done our normal grocery shopping yet. I'm going today but this week is way out of budget.

$27.55 left in budget
$9.58 left from January 1st-5th.
Minus Target run =
$17.01 over budget for this week.


Amy said...

Maybe it's just because we didn't go to very many BD parties as kids (for other kids), but why do there have to be goody bags and all that? I figure show up, have cake and ice cream, wear some hats, be done w/it! (Obviously I don't have kids and am out of the loop... but we didn't get that kind of stuff when we were kids either.) I would be cranky if I had to spend that much on stuff that just ends up as clutter around here.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Amy, I know what you mean but most people give them out and I always have for every party we've given.

And I admit that I like giving little gifts anyway. I'm a big gift giver. I just don't like to spend a lot of money on them. This seemed to fit the bill and I don't plan on wrapping them so it's less stress in that way.