Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Parenting Files: Mothering FAIL

The list I had to get done today- I haven't accomplished much.

Dinner is in the oven- check.

The laundry is sitting in the floor in front of me waiting to be folded.

Little Guy would not nap. In fact he had a kicking and screaming fit when I took him to his room for a nap. Potty training? Not so great. Two pee undies, one pee on the floor, and two poopy diapers. He pooped in his morning diaper before I changed it and he pooped in his nap diaper as soon as I put on him. I did hear what sounded like something being poured into the toilet and jumped up to see what he was up to. Mid trot I tripped on my pajama pant and fell down. I got carpet burn on my hand and leg and I tore my thumb nail. I turned around to see him sitting backwards on the potty (that's how he rolls) and looking at me like I was an idiot. He came to check on me and said, "Mommy, you fall!" which sounded more like "Mommy, you are an idiot" to me. And sadly, I couldn't argue with that.
As of fifteen minutes ago, I gave up for the day and put him in a pull up.

They've been self serve snacking like rabid hyenas since Big Girl came home too. Pretzels, peanuts, apples, the candy bowl before I put it on top of the refrigerator. The dog even got a healthy dose of peanuts when Little Guy spilled them on the floor. I got to him just in time to keep him from re-filling the canister from the floor. And apparently the dog is feeling better since she hoovered up the fallen legumes like a anteater at an all you can eat ant buffet. And I found a banana peel sitting all brown, rotty, and forgotten on the fireplace. No one would claim it. I think for a minute Big Girl wanted to argue that it was mine and I had left it there. Because I do that all the time. Whenever I'm done with a banana I just toss the peel over my shoulder. Right.

And fighting. They love to fight with each other. I don't normally spank but today I had enough of their bickering and they both got a swat on their butt after hitting each other. And do you know what I said after I swatted their butts? "This is a no hitting family." Way to go Mom. Do you know what they were fighting over? A throw blanket that Little Guy would not share. Apparently she was too tired to turn around and grab the other throw that was resting right behind her head.

Hubby will be home soon and I'll retreat upstairs for a moment of peace while I put laundry away and can actually scratch one thing off of my to do list for the day.
I think it will be an early night for all of us. At least I get another chance tomorrow.

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