Friday, January 2, 2009

Grocery Trip Today: WalMart Price Matching and Save-A-Lot

WalMart trip:

3.5 bag of 9 Lives cat food (free after MFR coupon)
2 Fresh Express Mediterranean Salad- (3.18 apiece- apparently WM does not price match bogo deals)
5 Lemons- (Price Match from Schnucks for 5/$1)
5 Kiwis- (Price Match from Dierbegrs for 5/$1)
Bounty Paper towels (Price Match for Dierbergs to .79 cents plus .25 cent MFR coupon)

Total: $9.31

Save-A-Lot trip:
2 yogurts- .88 cents (lunch)
30 count medium eggs- 2.99
Frozen oj concentrate- 1.39
Beechnut rice cereal- 1.29 (had $1 MFR coupon)
2 Beechnut banana cookies- $2.98 (had 2 $1 MFR coupons)
Combos- .50 cents (mommy snack for naptime)
1 Gallon of Skim Milk- 2.98

Minus store coupon for $3/10 purchase
Total: $7.46

Total Shopping Tally: $16.77

WalMart was crowded today and half the stuff I went in there for they don't even carry. This was my first time price matching and I think it will probably be my last. It's easier to do without or just go the the different stores and have a more pleasant experience. I'm also wondering if it will be possible to fit free range eggs and any organic food into our restricted budget. None of that stuff ever goes on sale here.
The baby food items will get donated to the school food pantry later in the month.


Rhonda in OK said...

My Walmart is extra-busy the first part of them month, I think most VA, SS, govt.employees and food stamp receivers get their money at the first of the month.
So I try to avoid shopping at Walmart then.
I do most of my shopping at Walmart and it usually goes pretty smooth. In my town, I don't have much choice though

you got some good deals today!

Kara said...

Good job! You got some great deals - and I'm totally lovin' the pictures and the posting on your shopping, by the way ... impressive to see it all on the table like that, especially with the actual cost. nice budgeting there, mama!