Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dierbergs- Cherry Picking, Coupons, and a list.

What was on my grocery list:
Bananas- 3 at .67 a pound- .54 cents
Cocktail peanuts- $2.50 minus $1 MFR coupon
TVP- $2.99 not on sale
Cooking Spray- $1 from the dollar section
Pretzels- $1 from dollar section but Uncle Rays is pretty good

What was on sale today:
Pevely Farms Butter- $1.69 x 3
Blackberries- .99 cents x 3
5 pound sack of russet potatoes- .99 cents
Healthy White Bread- .88 cents x 5
Ragu Sauce- on sale for $1.39 but I had a .25 MFR coupon that was doubled
Pevely Farms yogurt cups- .44 cents x 2

What I had coupons for:
25 count Bounce- on clearance shelf for 1.49 but I had a .25 MFR coupon that was doubled and I'll cut the sheets in half and get 50 sheets out of the box.
Martha White Corn Bread mix- 2 for $1 but I had a coupon for $1/4 so .25 cents apiece.

Total: $25.27

$8.79 left in the budget for the week

See how Gayle and other did at Grocery Cart Challenge.


newlyweds said...

Great job, I love how you really used your coupons.

Rhonda in OK said...

those are great prices on butter and potatoes

I am happy when I find butter around $2 a pound and potatoes seem to always be at least $4 or more for 10 pounds