Monday, December 1, 2008

The Problem with Garage Sales and Ebay.

Once I decide to get rid of something- I want it gone from my house. The longer it stays in the house the more reason I find to hang onto it.

Yeah, I could make a few bucks here and there by selling my kids better outgrown clothing. Those barely worn Stride Rite shoes that I was dumb enough to pay retail for mock me silently from the hall closet where I stored them- in case I got the urge to ebay them. Hasn't happened for months and now I need them to go before the dust and shame can collect.

Tonight I gladly sent our Parent's As Teachers Lady off my children's unwanted wooden blocks. A month ago I railed at my husband for wanting to get rid of them. Those are the blocks that I spent hours building up so Big Girl toddler could knock them down. I have good memories of those blocks and the happy times spent with my only baby girl. My son could care less about blocks. He's a Choo Choo man and so my time with him is spent by putting train tracks together. In a few years it will probably be the wooden train tracks that I cling to tearfully.

Stuff is killing me. Today I spent half an hour searching on ebates for a good Cyber Monday deal to round out my Christmas shopping. I filled a "cart" with deals and promptly abandoned it because my heart wasn't in it. Like other people, I was thoroughly disgusted by the Black Friday tragedy at Wal-Mart. Stuff does not make you happy- in fact, the pursuit and maintenance of stuff can ruin your life.

My trash cans and recycling bin are overflowing with kid art, broken toys, and crumby plastic McDonalds/dentist/birthday bag/school party/parade trinkets. My washing machine is a dumping place for all Goodwill donations that I have found in the toy room. I won't be doing laundry until I make the drop off later in the week. I have never missed anything that I've donated or given away. And I know I won't miss those wooden blocks or anything else I've collected.

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Amy said...

I know what you mean... I have a pile of stuff I'm finally getting Freecycled. I was lucky when one person took a bunch of it to a homeless initiative project--household goods to help ppl get set up in apartments. Gone from my place and helping someone!

What's left is really weird odd stuff that's harder to give away in a pile. We'll see. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just feeding some other person's clutter habit, but at least I'm not throwing it away.