Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One room down- four more to go.

It took me all of my Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack and a quite a few kid interruptions to get through this one. We filled a laundry basket just with toys alone.

I'm not much for decorating as you can see- I could totally use a visit from The Nester.
I love that blue lamp. I found it on a curb on trash day. It was a horrid brown so I found some paint in our garage (which happened to be in my favorite color) and had hubby spray it. I found the shade at Goodwill. It's very 70's but it suits me fine. The framed doily came from a garage sale and for some reason I just really like it's pretty simplicity. Oh, and that's our .50 cent garage sale tree. It's not gorgeous but for .50 cents it sure makes my day. The tree skirt underneath is my old crazy quilt. I begged my Mom to mend it but it's just too far gone but it works great for this purpose and I get to keep my beloved quilt (which my Mom bought at a garage sale for $3).

1 comment:

Rhonda in OK said...

that bay window is a perfect place for a tree.
enjoy your children while they do their shows, the cleaning and all will wait.