Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ok, so it's not free money- but it sure feels like it.

I used one of our Walgreens gift cards (from easy saver rebates) to buy milk and assorted last minute Christmas presents. And although it really isn't "free money" since we had to buy things to get the cards- I was happy knowing that it wouldn't show up on our credit card statement.

I found out yesterday that we need to bring a new wrapped book for a book exchange at Big Girl's School- I found a suitable one for $3 there. I also remembered that I needed a token for our mail carrier. D'Mets turtles in the 3.5 oz. box are on sale here for .99 cents. Russell Stover stocking candies are .39 cents apiece with the weekly add coupon.

Except for a trip to the gas station to get some lotto tickets (it's a family tradition- I know, I know)- I am all done shopping. Yay!

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