Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let's Talk Tofurky

Our feast was excellent this year and went off with nary a hitch. We added a new recipe with these buttery rolls.

The Tofurkys we bought last winter (after Thanksgiving on half price clearance) came with a container of gravy. Ok, this gravy is very weird. It's more spongy than liquid. It doesn't have that umami flavor of a good brown gravy either and it needs salt. Having said that, it isn't horrible and I hate to waste food. So, I mixed up some brown gravy from a packet and mixed in the tub of spongy weird tofurky gravy. And I highly recommend that. After all, who doesn't love having extra gravy?

The tofurky ball does come with a wild rice stuffing in the middle but it's fairly bland and not copious so I would definitely make another side of stuffing.

I also double this basting recipe that I love. It was on the first box of Tofurky that I ever bought and I haven't seen it on the box since.

This is the undoubled recipe:

1/8 cup of orange juice
2 tbs. of brown sugar
1/8 cup of soy sauce.

I think what makes it so tasty is this soy sauce. This is absolutely the best soy sauce I have ever tasted.
I have only found it in ethnic grocery stores though.


Tread Softly said...

I have never tried the tofurkey feast gravy since my husband is allergic to mushrooms. I love the gravy recipe printed on the side of the (non-feast) box, which is easy to make and relatively healthy.

jonceramic said...

DH here.... That's the best flavor of Hoisin sauce too. The packaging looks horrible/cheap, but the flavor is perfect.