Thursday, October 23, 2008

A New American Dream- The Tiny Home

What do I wish I would have told myself five years ago before we moved from our 800 square foot house, to a 1,800 sq. foot house, and now to a 2,400 square foot house?
Small is good! Small means less stuff to mess with, less house to care for, less money to spend on mortgage and utilities, and less yard work.

My dream isn't to move to a 100 square foot house
. But, it's a nice trend in the right direction.

Buy small, live big.


Rachel said...

I totally agree! I am thankful the kids have space to run and play, but I wish we would have really considered living small from the time we got married, instead of continuing to move up to larger dwellings. I think with the right layout, our family could live in a home half the square footage. Oh, the value of hindsight!

Amy said...

I'm still trying to get rid of all the stuff that was in the bigger house, but we went small too! If the old house would just sell we could afford to really fix the new one.

Aris said...

You are right! Smaller is better! I am currently trying to downsize! I think that most people don’t understand or even believe this until they’ve experienced it. BTW, I am enjoying your site--your children are darling. I’m a vegetarian too ;o)