Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Latest Dish- It's a dog's world.

I spent some time yesterday and today shopping for stuff for our new dog. It's not as exciting as shopping for a new baby but I'll take thrills where I can find them.

I either hated all of the plastic dog food bowls or didn't want to pay ten dollars and up for big ceramic ones. It occurred to me to look at normal people bowls to see what I could find for a dog bowl. Cheap (but nice) ceramic bowls were .50 cents. Fifty cents for a cereal bowl when you can pay five dollars and up for a plastic dog bowl. Give me a break!
Nonetheless, none of the ceramic people dishes were right either. Until I stopped by the dollar spot section of Target and found this ceramic bakeware pan with flat sides(and a metal holder) for $2.50. Inspiration hit and I got out my sharpies to personalize her dog bowl. Voila!

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Heather said...

It looks awesome! I would never guess that it's looks like something you would buy at the store!

Great job!