Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Garage Sales and Lunch with the Kids.

I had $20 when I left the house this morning. Now I have about $4 and some change.

Little Guy and I hit some garage sales today.

We bought:

A vintage My Little Pony- .10
A Mini Hot Wheels race track with a tiny car- .50
A Hot Wheels truck- .10
A Christmas stamp and ink pad .10
2 romance paperbacks (everyone has a vice)- .50
Heloise's Kitchen Hints & Florence Brobeck's Family Book of Entertaining- .40
A Scooby Doo summer short set for Big Girl- .50
An Old Navy skort for Big Girl- .50
A cute Copper Key Valentine's shirt for Big Girl- .25
TKS cotton knit sweat pants for Little Guy- .50
A kid's karaoke keyboard with microphone and chairs- 3.00

Not a great haul but I can so easily see where I could be getting great deals for Christmas and birthdays if I just went to garage sales all the time (with a list!). I go to maybe 15 all year.
I saw so many kids books (.10 to .50 cents) that it makes me sick to think of the new books I've ordered from amazon and scholastic.

Then we picked up Big Girl from school and we treated ourselves to Chinese food.
So far it's been a good day and I still have some change in my pocket.


Heather said...

We love garage sales! I wrote about our power garage-saling system, because we tend to go A LOT of sales in one day. We have a great time though! The kids get more excited about garage sales then we do even, because they know that they will get some inexpensive treasure.

I agree about the books. Bee brought home the Scholastic book order form, and I explained to her that I would happily take her to library every single week if she needs something new to read, and she can get a dozen books at a garage sale for the price of one new book from Scholastic. She accepted that answer without complaint.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

My kids love garage sales too. Even if we don't buy anything. They just love to look at other people's toys.
Every time we'd get in the car today Little Guy would say, "'Nother garage sale, Mommy."