Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fridge Clean Out Menu Planner

This is a list of the produce and aging items in my fridge that I need to use up this week. I'll be doing most of my cooking from from the pantry, fridge, and freezer.

Leafy Green Lettuce
2 carrots
Potatoes - three or four pounds
Half a Pack of tortillas
Bagged Salad
2 containers of yogurt
Half a block of velveeta
1 tomato

Breakfast- We had French toast and scrambled eggs.

Lunch- Leftover banana pancakes (made with two black bananas- so good) with peanut butter and syrup. Leftover eggplant parm and roasted eggplant. Leftover pizza from Chuck E. Cheese on Friday night (went with friends who have kids our same age and had a blast. They have big ice cream bars for $1 which all in all is pretty good for a vending machine). Watermelon.

Snacks- Leftover cherry pie brownies (mix up brownie mix and add a can of cherry pie filling- cook for 37 minutes. They are super fudgy and very sweet. Next time I'll use just half a can of filling and reduce cooking time). Microwaved popcorn.

Dinner- Salad. Pasta with Alfredo sauce (had coupon) and chopped tomatoes. Garlic Bread from freezer.
The Classico white sauce was not good. I've yet to find a jarred white sauce that is tasty.

Breakfast- PB Toast, Grapes, and Milk. Hot beverages for the adults.

Lunch- Soup, crackers, sliced cheese. Canned oranges.

Dinner- Asian Lettuce Wraps a little carrot, some celery, some Boca crumbles (used coupon from insert), minced garlic, peanuts, onions and other veg from the freezer. Seasoned with grated ginger, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, white pepper and salt. Make pudding with a mix from pantry- use powdered milk to stretch drinking milk.
I didn't make the pudding.

Breakfast- Yogurt with dry cereal. Juice or water.
We had raisin cinnamon pancakes as requested by Little Guy.

Lunch- We had drive thru food for a treat.

Dinner- Mexican stir fry with rice, corn, beans, and cumin and taco seasoning. I'll melt some velveeta to pour over it and we'll make wraps with with salad, salsa and tortillas. Popsicles for dessert.
I made the burgers and fries instead because they were quicker. Hubby wanted to take the kids to the pool.

Breakfast- Cereal with milk.
We had sweet rice with raisins because I made too much rice on Monday night.

Lunch- Canned oranges, ants on a log, crackers.
The kids had leftover raisin pancakes topped with pb, veggie bacon, and sliced bananas. I ate a salad topped with a chopped boca chic patty.

Dinner- Boca Burgers (with velveeta topping- so healthy) and Homemade Fries. (Thaw burger buns and prep potatoes while Little Guy naps). Mix up muffins (use applesauce?) for breakfast.
Leftover Pudding?
We need a quick dinner so I'm making egg salad sandwiches, fruit muffins, and grapes.


Breakfast- Scrambled egg yolks leftover from fries recipe for Hubby. Muffins and applesauce (in pantry).
No leftover egg yolks. Hard boiled eggs if we have leftovers. Otherwise cereal and milk.

Lunch- Yogurt with bananas.
Make bread in bread machine for dinner- use soy flour.

Dinner- Shepherds Pie (make mashed potatoes earlier). Bread maker bread and spread.

Breakfast- Muffins if we have leftovers. Grapes. Oatmeal.

Lunch- If we have tortilla leftovers then quessadillas. Applesauce. Leftover canned fruit or grapes. Pb's if needed.

Dinner- Any Bagged Salad that's leftover. Homemade Pizza- use up any velveeta.

I think this menu should almost clean out my perishables. I'll buy milk this week and that's it.


MamaGeek said...

I'm so impressed with your thriftiness. I'm kind of doing the same thing. I have so much crap in my fridge that I MUST use it up (or go nuts trying).

Rachel said...

You've inspired me to do the same, though I admit that we caved last night and bought a Costo pizza and cookies (with coupons, but still...). But today is a new day, right?!