Friday, May 23, 2008

Menu Planner for the next few days

I haven't kept a planned menu for a few weeks. As a result my pantry is overfull and my fridge is growing strange new lifeforms. So, to keep me on my toes (and budget)- a new Friday-Friday menu plan.

Breakfast- yogurt and cereal.
Lunch- pbjs at the park or soup and crackers at home
Dinner- Pizza night- use up the last of feta, and chop the grape tomatoes that are starting to turn.

Breakfast- Cereal and toast- juice
Lunch-out visiting relatives
Dinner- out probably drive thru Taco Bell

Breakfast- French Toast, fruit, and veggie sausages
Lunch- Leftovers from freezer- make muffins for snacks tomorrow and breakfast
Dinner- Spaghetti, corn and on the cob, garlic bread

Breakfast- Oatmeal and muffins
Lunch- pbj's or nachos with freezer beans
Dinner- Garlic Lime Tofu

Breakfast- cereal and yogurt
Lunch- snack mix (raisins, dry cereal, and whatever else is lying around), peanut butter for dipping, juice (take crust dough and frozen pumpkin out of freezer)
Dinner- Stir fry with egg (use up crisper veggies) Dessert will be bread pudding if we have a lot of stale bread

Breakfast- Oatmeal packets fruit and milk
Lunch- Out with kids
Dinner- TVP Pot pie (lots of veggies so no veggie sides), butter bread, pumpkin pie

Breakfast- pancakes or waffles, fruit
Lunch- leftovers from breakfast or grilled cheese and apple/carrot dippers
Dinner- Soup (find recipe for something Little Guy with eat (corn?) and make small pot so no leftovers), fresh bread

Breakfast- Cereal
Lunch- leftovers, pbjs, or granola bars with peanut butter dip
Dinner- out

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