Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hitting the Pause button

I'm not whining. Really. I woke up this morning with a slight cold. I don't feel awful. I just feel s-l-o-w, docile, and snotty.

I reluctantly re-rsvp'd no to the local Mom's Group for bowling tonight. I was so looking forward to it. After a major guilt tripping from the 5 year old about me going someplace without her I realized that I almost never do things without the kids in tow. And when I do it's for short jaunts to the grocery store while their dad watches them. I am in desperate need of a minute away. But, not tonight.
And right now- that feels ok.

I've been salivating over Gymboree on ebay. With the prices on Ebay I might as well go to an outlet or shop the sales online and buy new. That kind of thinking made me run for my computer as I found a Gymboree coupon code for 20% off in a magazine this morning. (28678461295- until May 31st) I filled up my cart with tees for the boy and summer dresses and hair bows for the girl. And then promptly decided that I'd better sit on it. After all, wasn't my husband just telling me not to buy the kids anymore clothes? Didn't I just survey their closets and ascertain that their wardrobe needs were minimal? Oh, those clothes are so cute. Especially that Monkey shirt. Want vs. need. I'm going to go empty my cart.
photo taken from gymboree.com.

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