Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The "What's in Your Wallet?" Challenge Begins..

Photo taken from mypyramid.gov.

My $30.00 for a month of groceries challenge starts today. The biggest obstacle will be for me to keep my children fed nutritiously without using up our precious dairy and fruits too quickly. That is where the bulk of our money will go this month.
To prepare I've started researching and downloading the food pyramid to make sure we get the required amounts of each food group without going overboard. I have to really start trying to get a cup of veggies into a little boy that won't eat a vegetable unless it's in a sweet potato pie or cooked in a can of sodium heavy soup.
I sent hubby to work with a baggie full of half the candy in our kitchen. Since we have no holidays or parties to go to this month I don't think our candy stock will be refilled.

So far this morning Little Guy has filled his dairy quota with a cup of milk and a cup of yogurt and one third of his grain quota with fake cheerios.

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