Thursday, February 21, 2008

Schlumpadinka- That'sMe!

I'm taking a short break during my cleaning spree (in-laws are due tonight) to watch a bit of tivo'd Oprah.

Most of my good clothes are packed already and the slightly more decent comfy pants are in the wash. Today I am wearing stained, ill-fitting sweat pants and a stained shirt that just hasn't made the rag bag yet. And yes, today I'm wearing no make up (that's packed too). I admit that I'm having more and more days where I feel dressed up if I got a decent shower in.
I hadn't planned on going anywhere today but my boy child is sick so we went to the doctor, the grocery store (for his prescription and a few last minute groceries) and a last minute drop off at the dry cleaner.

I am tired and my lack of energy is compromising my slightly lofty goals of having a well scrubbed and de-cluttered house and making cupcakes for preschool tomorrow. Instead I'll settle for having the bathrooms cleaned up, the dishes out of the sink and the guest room bed ready for sleep. My MIL will just have to forgive me. And that box of cake mix that I got for .50 cents after Valentines will just have to wait for another occasion. Preschoolers like Little Debbie too.

At least I'll look good in Rome and I'll get to catch up on some much needed sleep.
I bought a 2.00 (on clearance) red blazer from the Goodwill that had awful brass buttons that screamed 80's. Instead of buying a card of buttons, I found another sale blazer that had buttons I liked for 2.00. I took it to the dry cleaner today so I can wear it on our trip. My 2.00 blazer will end up costing me 10.00 when I pick it up but, I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it.

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