Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Urge to Splurge-- Christmas picture Gotcha

You know how when you go to pick up your portraits and the clerk then lays out the photos that you didn't purchase and tries to sell them to you? Well, I almost never fall for that. And today I almost got away clean- until she lowered the price by five dollars and threw in a photo ornament. This was the first time we attempted a whole family portrait too. And I didn't buy any since both of the kids were looking in opposite directions and I look a little squashed and perturbed.

But, when I looked at them again I thought, "Well, those aren't so bad."

So, I'm twenty dollars lighter, I have a family picture, and I don't have to fuss over whether to send Aunt Susie or friend Sally a picture. Everyone is getting a picture this year since I have pictures aplenty.

Do I feel my customary frugal guilt? Surprisingly, not one bit. And now I don't have to buy an ornament for this years Christmas picture.

Now back to my regularly scheduled programming. The In-Laws are coming tomorrow and I've loads of chores to do.

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