Thursday, December 6, 2007

Goodbye Big Lots

I went to Big Lots today in search of applesauce, tortilla chips, and diapers and found out that my favorite store is closing. They didn't get enough business and will not be re-opening. I am sad. Is it weird to be disappointed by that? First my Dollar Tree was demolished to make room for the Wal-Mart to be super sized. And now Big Lots.

I can't tell yet if I'll be saving money by not shopping there (and buying extra un-needed things) or I'll spend more because I don't have those close-out prices.
The entire store was on a 20% off closing sale. But, they were cleaned out of all the things that I went in for. I left with some .80 cent boxed mint cookies (hoarded for Christmas treats for visitors), a small Santa train set (1.60), a stuffed Ernie doll as an emergency Christmas present (3.70), a playdoh/cutter set (1.60), and some cold medicine.
Oh well, one less reason to leave the house.

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Ruthie said...

We've missed Big Lots since moving to Montana. When we crossed the border in Texas on our way home I saw a BL and yelled STOP THE CAR! You can almost feel the good deals reaching out to you. Le sigh about your store closing. You'll have to find one in a town that you sometimes frequent for special trips. :)