Thursday, December 27, 2007

After Christmas sales

I don't know where the camera is so I can't show you pictures but I'll just tell you what I've been up to.

I took my daughter shopping today to check out the after Christmas sales. I was after a one foot tall tree for my son's room. His sister has one in hers complete with a small light strand, gold star, skirt and miniature ornaments (a remnant of my dorm room days). I know next year it will probably occur to him to be jealous so I've been trying to set aside some small ornaments etc when I find them. I bought him a tiny tree skirt and some miniature ornaments on clearance. But, no tree yet.

Instead I found .50 rolls of Christmas wrap that are in neutral prints so that I can use them for all purpose wrap. One is gold and the other is a white lace on red background print.

I also found some pretty Christmas cards half price at the Dollar General. Even though I could go three years without needing to buy extra cards. I just get tired of sending the same ones every year. I like variety.

The kids 2008 ornaments were found for .50 apiece at Dollar General too. They are pretty simple felt and wood snowflake cut outs with a dangling jingle bell. I liked them and the price was right. They are now engraved (with Sharpie and a glittery gold ink overlay) with 2008 and each child's name and stuffed into a storage tote for next year. I'm always excited to find my bargain ornaments from last year. I never pay more than a dollar for them and I have to make sure that I have a flat surface to write on so finding them is a nice challenge.

Oh, and I almost forgot the 'sugary' looking non breakable ball ornaments that I buy every year from Dollar general. Two pretty ball ornaments for .50 and the reassurance that my children can't break them but if they do then no big deal. Priceless.

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TJ said...

Wow you are finding 50 cent wrap already! What a great find. Especially since it can be all-purpose. I've got to get to the stores and start scouting out the deals.